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Golden Fried Crispy Chips

Black Truffle

             Cheese Chips


Crispy hot chips with sauces made from natural ingredients with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. The black truffle brings a special aroma that adds a distinctive flavor to the melted cheese sauce...

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Black Truffle Cheese Chips


Cheese Sauce

Bacon Cheese Burger


All patties are handmade with 100% angus beef that makes the meat tender and juicy. A bite into real beef, fresh crunchy veg and flavorful sauce. Can you really resist it??

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burger hong kong

Soft Chewy Slightly

Toasted Bun


100% Angus Beef

Fresh Green & Sliced Tomatoes

Signature Fish n Chips


We have created a special batter that makes the outside crunchy but still keeps the fish inside moist and juicy! Only available at Chips Republic

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Hand-crafted                            Milkshakes


Made from 100% natural milk and ice-cream, our handcrafted milkshakes are thick, super smooth and creamy. The little sweet dessert-ish drink would complete your meal perfectly.

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Bailey Milkshake Chips Republic Hong Kong
Milkshake Chips Republic Hong Kong Elements
Fish n Chips Chips Republic Hong Kong Elements

Crispy Hot

Fat Chips

Fresh Fish & Special Batter



Thick, Smooth & Creamy

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