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Chips Republic x Soda Cards Rewards Program

Exciting news!

Chips Republic is now co-operating with Soda Card, a loyalty program featuring personalized awards! Simply follow below steps to join the program:

Step 1. You may sign up through collecting Soda Card at the counter of Chips Republic, or download the app "Soda Card" on

Step 2. After the registration, you may "check-in" at Chips Republic, simply by scanning your code on your card or your phone on the Soda Machine at the counter.

Step 3. Everytime you check in at Chips Republic, you get to earn 5 points and you may use the points to redeem our delicious food and drinks! Users that earn 100 points even get to have FREE Burger Set for TWO!

Points Rewards

Sign Up Gift - Complimentary Mini Froyo

10 FREE cheese or gravy sauce

20 FREE upgrade to SET meal with any purchase

20 FREE chicken wings (3 pcs)

30 FREE regular chips with sauce

30 FREE handcrafted regular milkshake

50 Buy 1, Get 1 FREE burger set

100 For you and a friend. FREE burger set for TWO!

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