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Review by HK Magazine

Special thanks to HK Magazine for the review!

We will definitely give our best to create more delicious food for everyone!

"Chips Republic is a fast food joint tucked right behind the Elements mall theater—a place you go right before a movie, for a quick and easy meal. There’s a large, open dining area with communal tables and fluffy chairs at the front, flanked by cartoon-covered walls. Around the corner, hidden from view, is the ordering counter.

You can take your pick of chips/fries (natch), salads, burgers (made by Burger Republic in Sheung Wan) and sides like onion rings and chicken wings. There’s also CR’s signature fish ‘n’ chips, which we ordered and upgraded with a bowl of truffle cheese sauce. We also got a smokey barbecue burger, and an order of fries with mozzarella to keep it company.

The fries that came with the fish were thick-cut and sturdy, while the ones with the burger were thinner and softer. Ironically, we didn’t find anything special with either version—they leaned towards the dry and powdery side, although the flavors definitely picked up with some black pepper ground on top. But it was the creative sauces that really set this place apart—our creamy cheddar sauce was thick and savory, topped off with umami black truffle sprinkles. The brown gravy with mozzarella was another yummy combo, reminiscent of Canadian poutine. On to the mains: the fish was nice and crisp on the outside thanks to its thin, crumb-like batter; the meat was deliciously flaky and soft. The burger came with a thick and juicy patty squished between soft sesame-covered buns, and complementing garnishes like caramelized onions and lettuce.

After a greasy meal like that, the perfect refreshing finish: a bowl of milky froyo topped with strawberry and kiwi slices. We’re just waiting on Chips Republic to perfect the chips."

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