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Everyday is a fry day by Vanessa Yung @ SCMP

Thank you Vanessa Yung for the post, let everyday be a "Fry-day"!

"Hungry moviegoers at the Elements mall just got another film feast option.

Although no outside food or drink is allowed in the cinema, Chips Republic's youthful and casual vibe will hopefully give diners a reason to arrive well before the movie starts.

The menu features chips with a choice of 12 sauces (HK$30-HK$55), salads (HK$49-HK$59), burgers (HK$50-HK$85) and fish and chips (HK$70-HK$95). It also offers four varieties of pie (HK$60-HK$65) including steak and onion, and vegetable. Sets are available, too.

Their signature fish and chips (HK$70) is tasty and has a crunchy batter that compliments the moist fish. It comes with tartar sauce, baked beans and thick potato wedges. We usually prefer thick-cut chips, but the ones we had were soaked with oil. The crispy chips that come with the Mo burger were better (HK$60). The highlight of the burger was the caramelised onions, which, with the sautéed mushrooms and cheese, infused the whole dish with a sweet smokiness.

We ordered our chips with black truffle cheese sauce (HK$25) and the lighter, more refreshing sour cream guacamole (HK$12).

Chips Republic also offers 10 milkshakes (HK$39-HK$46), including standard flavours such as vanilla and strawberry, and a Bailey's-infused creation. They also sell frozen yogurt (HK$36 regular; HK$42 large)."

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